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PURIos ET open-cell foam system

PURIos ET  open-cell foam system by Purinova is used for interior insulation. It has a low water vapour diffusion resistance factor so the moist isn’t stopped in insulation. Low density makes building’s construction rigid but doesn’t weight it.

Another important advantage is the fact that a water is a foaming agent which makes insulation eco-friendly. Thanks to low rate of thermal conductivity this material has very good thermal insulating properties, which is crucial in times of passive houses and ecological construction.

The products have CE marking and sanitary certificate.

PURIos ET: density: 7 -12 kg/m3; thermal conductivity rate: λ = 0,037 – 0,039 W/m2K; flame spread index according to Polish standards: F – contains flame-retardant.

PURIos S: density: 9 – 14 kg/m3; thermal conductivity rate: λ = 0,034W/m2K.; flame spread index according to Polish standards: F – self-extinguishing.

PURIos FR: density: 9 – 14 kg/m3; lowest thermal conductivity rate on Polish market: λ = 0,033W/m2K. PURIos FR’s flame spread index is E (confirmed by Building Research Institute). This foam’s parameters make it a unique product of the highest quality.

PURIos ET/FR: density: 7-12 kg/m3; thermal conductivity rate: λ = 0,037 – 0,039 W/m2K; flame spread index: F.

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