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PURIos closed-cell foam system

PURIos closed-cell foam has a very wide range of uses. Depending on its purpose, the density rate varies from 35 to 300kg/m3 . It doesn’t absorb moist, has high resistance to compressive strength and can be used in wide range of temperatures.

In comparison to open-cell foam, it has much better thermal conductivity rate (λ = 0,020 – 0,022 W/m2K). It’s perfect for thermal insulation with hydro insulating properties. It effectively insulates flat roofs, foundations, walls, steel constructions, cold stores, pipelines and animal housing. We have several kinds of closed-cell foams, all with sanitary certificates. Two most important are:

PURIos H - polyurethane closed-cell foam, used for rigid spray foam. It’s perfect for spraying steel constructions, sheet metal and concrete. It has best thermal conductivity rate on the market λ = 0,020 – 0,022 W/m2K. Bulk density - to 37 ± 10% kg/m3. Used for thermo-acoustic insulation both inside and outside buildings, including vapour barriers.

PURIos HR - polyurethane closed-cell foam. Used mostly for outer elements of a building. High resistance to compressive strength makes it an ideal product for insulating flat roofs, floors and terraces. It has best thermal conductivity rate on the market λ = 0,020 – 0,022 W/m2K.

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